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peacefully situated in Acharavi
Welcome to Karavos Apartments, a captivating sanctuary in Acharavi, Corfu, where cherished holiday dreams find their home. Our thoughtfully designed apartments imbued with contemporary elegance and vibrant charm, are your entry to an unrivaled synthesis of comfort and relaxation, elevated by pleasant, bright views.

Our Apartments

Ground Floor Apartments

Ground Floor Apartments

Room Size: 65m2
First-floor Apartments

First-floor Apartments

Room Size: 55m2

The Pool

Pool Area
Tranquility and refreshment
Unearth the symphony of turquoise and green as the vibrant verdancy weaves a captivating tapestry around our calming swimming pool. Here, you are invited to recline upon our plush sunbeds, and let time unravel in a blissful haze of relaxation.
Pool Area
Pool Area

A Lively paradise

Within this lively paradise, where worries fade away, the art of unwinding becomes second nature.

The Beach

Where beachside bliss unravels from the turquoise waves
Bask in the golden sun rays as you relax on the pristine shores of Acharavi Beach, known for its clear turquoise waters and endless stretches of glowing sand. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a calmness devotee, this beach has surely something to offer you.

Location & Map

Just a leisurely stroll away from the powdery sands of Acharavi Beach, Karavos Apartments are the director of your relaxing holidays.
Almyros, Acharavi, Corfu
491 00, Greece

Contact name: Mrs. Spiridoula
T: +30 6989483686
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